MPMC -Learning Disability Annual Health Checks

What is a Learning Disability annual health check?

The Annual Health Check is to ensure that the person with learning disabilities has aspects of their health checked and recorded by their GP Practice. It should also allow them to identify anything that is worrying them.

An easy-read guide about health checks is available for patients, as well as information for parents and carers.

At Manor Park Medical Centre (MPMC)  we have  dedicated Learning Disability Champions and a trained multi-disciplinary team who offer Learning Disability Annual Health Checks.

  • We are a very person centred Practice
  • Reasonable adjustments are offered as appropriate to all our patients,
  • Good quality Learning Disability Annual Health Checks are offered,
  • Service users have a Health Check Action Plan in place after their Annual Health Check.
  • In 2023 we have introduced the  "Sunflower" scheme to offer all our eligible patients to get either a wrist band or sunflower badge . The  Sunflower badge or wrist band is a simple tool for you to voluntarily share that you have a disability or condition that may not be immediately apparent – and that you may need a helping hand, understanding, or more time in surgery , hospitals ,  shops, at work, on transport, or in public spaces.
  • If you're a Sunflower wearer, simply wear the Sunflower symbol to share that you may need assistance, understanding or more time.


Feedback from Carer "Sunflower Scheme"

" This will really help other kids with learning disability and challenging behaviour as they will be fast tracked; and will help carer and parents as well; such a good initiative"

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Our Multi disciplinary Team supporting the Annual Learning Disability Checks:

  • Amrit Bahra- ( Clinical Pharmacist)- Learning Disability Champion
  • Jasmeet Mader- ( Clinical Pharmacist)
  • Bala Suseelan -( Nursing Associate)
  • Anila Sehar- (Practice Nurse)
  • Lalita Shally- (Care Coordinator )Learning Disability Champion

Who can have an annual health check?

Anyone aged 14 or over who is on the MPMC (Manor Park Medical Centre)  learning disability register is offered an annual health check once a year. All eligible patients are invited ; a dedicated multi-lingual who meets the linguistic needs of our patients contacts the eligible patients via phone , based on the need of each patient an appropriate appointment slot is offered and booked with a multilingual Clinical Staff. Based on individual needs the appointment duration for one patient could vary in length.

How will an annual health check help?

You will get to know your GP Surgery's Health Care professionals  better. The Clinician will also be able to spot any health problems sooner so that you get the treatment you need to stay well.

You can ask your Clinician questions about your health and tell them how you are feeling.

You can also talk about any treatment you are having or medicine you use.

What happens during the annual health check at your surgery?

You might see different health professionals. These might include a doctor, a pharmacist, a nurse or a healthcare assistant. They have all had special training to be able to do the health check.

During the health check, the health professional will:

  • do a physical check-up, including weight, heart rate and blood pressure
  • they may ask you to pee in a small pot for them to check your urine,
  • you will be asked to have  a blood test
  • talk to you about staying well and if you need any help with this
  • ask about things that can be more common if you have a learning disability, such as epilepsy, constipation or problems with swallowing (dysphagia), or with your eyesight or hearing
  • talk to you about your medicines to make sure you are being given the right medicines when you need them
  • check to see if your vaccinations are up to date
  • check how you are feeling if you have a health problem such as asthma or diabetes
  • check to see if you have any other health appointments
  • ask if your family or carers are getting the support they need
  • help make sure that things go well when children move to adult services at the age of 18
  • Your Health Passport will be discussed and reviewed.
  • Your  Health care action plan will be discussed and updated if applicable.
  • Share our "Sunflower" scheme details with you.

What is your Health Passport?

This  Health Passport has been designed for use with people with learning disabilities in Primary Care,  hospital, but can be used for other people and other situations. The use of the passport is important for identifying possible problems quickly. 

While attending  Hospital or any health appointments , visiting  A&E, pre-assessments and outpatients  Patient and Carers should bring Health passport and share the information with the health professional. This information can then be shared with each health professional in the Hospital. 

Thank you for all your valuable feedback currently at MPMC we are  reviweing the Health Passport and engaging with our relevant staff, patients, Carer and PPG members to design a new health passport. A blank copy will be updated here for your access.






Ref: NHS England/ Mencap/ RCGP guidance .